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1. What is DVR?
2. What are the recommended system requirements?
3. What if a DVR has some of the latest components and some not as current?
4. Does learning how to operate a DVR require knowledge of PCs?
5. What should I do if there is new version released?
6. Are there any differences among DVR software?
7. What are the advantages of hardware compression MPEG-4 DVR boards?
8. What is video compression?
9. What are the differences between video capture boards?
10. I have 30 frames per second DVR board, but it almost looks like it's recording still image. Why is that?
11. What is the frame rate?
12. Will 60, 120 or 240fps DVR board run faster on a single camera than a 30fps DVR board?
13. What do default ports mean?
14. What is a dynamic IP address?
15. What is a static IP address?
16. How many cameras can I plug into a DVR board?
17. Can I use existing camera with DVR?
18. What are the precautions during DiViS installation?
19. What kind of cabling do I need to run from a surveillance camera to the DVR?
20. What are the differences between RGB and YUV image signals?
21. What are the backup devices supported by DiViS?
22. What is the supported picture quality when recording on DiViS?
23. When I view DVR remotely over the internet, how come the pictures don't have the same quality or speed as when I view it locally from the DVR system?
24. If I connect remotely, will I view live video?
25. When viewing video on some websites, how come they seem to have no robotic motions and clear crisp pictures?
26. What are real-time image?
27. How do I view the camera image remotely from my PC, laptop or PDA?
28. What are the precautions when recording sound?
29. Is there special power requirements for the DVR?
30. Do surveillance cameras work in the dark?
31. I'm having trouble browsing the website on Internet Explorer 9.