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Playing with DiViS

Thank you for playing with DiViS DVR.com

hope you release all your stress and fresh up to start the day.

1. FLYING BOARD : By clicking your mouse it will jump up so that you can pass through the wall [Click Here to Play]

2. Racing with BOARD : Try to change the resolution and play with arrow keys. [Click Here to Play]

3. BOARD HERO : [Read This Prophets]RPG game with gathering DVR board in dungeon. [Click Here to Play]

4. BOARD Invasion : Play with arrow keys and Space-bar. [Click Here to Play] 

5. DiViS Fighter : Playing with fighter to become a DiViS Champion. [Click Here to Play]


Copyrights and License.

* Released under the [MIT License](http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).

* CAPCOM / [AlloyTeam]