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1. Why do I get "Fail to Check Database" when I try to launch DVR Main?
2. When I launch DVR Main, all my cameras show black screen or DiViS logo, what is the cause of this?
3. Why do I receive "Fail to Initialize Display" error when my computer starts or when I launch DVR Main?
4. when I launch DVR Main, it gives me "Overlay Open Failed" error?
5. what is "Channel Information" error?
6. Why do I receive "Fail to Create Log File" when I launch DVR Main?
7. When I launch DVR Main it makes a double beeping sound, what and why am I receiving this sound?
8. When I insert my DVR card, my system does not boot up, is there something wrong with this card?
9. Can I install my DVR software on Windows Vista? or Windows XP?
10. What are the steps required to setup my DVR in order for me to view it from home or anywhere over the Internet?
11. I've check all the settings and everything checked out but I still can't connect to my DVR, is there something I'm missing?
12. Why is it whenever I try to connect to my DVR, my router page shows up?
13. I was able to connect to my DVR in the past, now for some reason it gives me an error "Page cannot be displayed", what is causing this and what can I do to resolve this problem?
14. When I launch DiViS-Net on Win 8 / 8.1, menu only shows MISC?
15. Recently added 4TB hard disk to DVR system, but it doesn’t recognize all 4TB in DVR-setting?
16. When I run the Driver Installation package, no device is detected?
17. I get blue screen during installation process?
18. Port number for iphone / Android phone connection?
19. I can see the images from PTZ camera, but can't control the camera?