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IP Camera Configuration

Today, many stores and offices use analog cameras for surveillance despite the high setup and maintenance cost.
Our customers have been using a combination of IP cameras and analog cameras, all ideally customized to fit their needs.

Is it easier to connect IP cameras to a DVR system than to connect an analog camera using coaxial cables?

You can easily connect an IP camera to a DiViS DVR system simply by connecting both to the internet and configuring their communication settings.

Can you monitor and save recordings even if an IP camera is at a completely different location?

DiViS DVR allows you to monitor IP cameras from miles away as long as they are connected. Some of our customers prefer to manage surveillance data from branch offices directly from their headquarters and really love the features our products offer.

Can you install and use other DiViS DVR features with pre-installed IP cameras?

You can use all extra utilities and software with pre-installed IP cameras. All of our software have built-in protocols for brand name IP cameras, making it really easy for anyone to use.

High compatibility with diverse IP cameras


- All DiViS DVR products support IP camera integration
- Able to receive data from IP cameras as many as DiViS DVR channels (However, performance may vary depending on network and environment, so we recommend adding IP camera one by one)
- Support Megapixel IP camera as well as CIF, D1 IP camera
- Support each video resolution of IP camera
- Support print POS data in IP camera image
- Enable to use DiViS DVR functions such as Search, Smart Search, Icon Search, Panorama Search, Image Saving, and Avi Saving with the data from IP camera (Since IP camera is integration work, DiViS DVR does not fully support IP camera features and is not responsible for IP camera firmware updates)
- Enable to monitoring and search data from IP camera at remote place using Net, Web, CMS and Mobile which is connecting DiViS DVR
- Support a variety of products from various IP camera companies