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POS Integration

POS integration allows the user to display and record both POS data and image together.
So user can see if the correct items were scanned and actually verify with the image.

Don't use POS and DVR separately

Because most stores use POS and DVR separately, it is very difficult to match video data and POS text when a problem occurs such as conflict with customer. DiViS DVR allows user to search recorded image data along with the text.
For stores using POS and DVR separately, DiViS DVR provides easy integration with almost any POS device and user-friendly interface to navigate. DiViS DVR receives POS data as text (ASCII) via serial (COM) port or LAN. 

Resolve customer claims

With DiViS DVR, user can check accurate purchase list with video to provide evidence when a problem occurs. For example, a customer can make a claim that he or she did not buy a certain product. Without the hard evidence of image and text data, it will be difficult to resolve customer claims. DiViS DVR has the capability to provide hard evidence to help make decision and resolve customer claims with ease.

Monitor franchise stores

User can monitor sales at multiple franchise stores using remote client software or internet browser. Head office can monitor real time sales as well as the working environment.

Text database

DiViS DVR can save transaction into text database, separate from image recording. As a result, DiViS DVR provides easy and fast text data search. Most other DVRs record image and text together as whole image so there is no text search feature. With DiViS DVR, user can search based on text using parameters such as an item or price range. For instance, user can search all the instances of "beer" item and find a list of time "beer" was scanned or search sales amouont ranging from $100 to $200.

Support legacy POS to latest POS

DiViS DVR receives transactions from legacy POS with serial port.
DiViS DVR receives transactions from latest POS with TCP/IP port.
DiViS DVR receives transactions as text data to XML data.

Integration POS and DiViS DVR

DiViS DVR saves video data with POS transaction data together.

One DiViS DVR with several POS

DiViS DVR enables user to save transaction from up to 32 POS systems. This solution is useful for supermarket with many POS systems because it requires less number of systems to accomplish.


DiViS DVR user can check transactions real time as well as play video data from remote location if the DVR is connected to Internet. 

Franchise management

DiViS DVR provides CMS (Central Monitoring System) solution which can be used for franchise management. If all franchisee is installed the integration system of DiViS DVR and POS, the main office is able to get information of sales and transaction data at real time. At main office, user can also retrieve past information by searching saved data.


- All DiViS DVR products support POS integration
- Enable to connect 32 POS systems with a DiViS DVR system
- Enable to connect with Serial port or TCP/IP
- Support extending Serial Port and USB type Serial Port
- Support Microsoft Access, MS SQL, and MySQL database
- Enable to support text data and XML data from POS

- Easy protocol everyone can make connection with POS
- Item Search: easy find saved item
- Enable to search total price for each transaction
- Support a diversity of printing methods (Combined POS data, Display Hidden, Saved data at POS, and Transaction)
- Enable to change font of POS data to display

- Enable to find data within user selected
- Enable to find text
- Enable to find registered item (Item Search)
- Enable to find item price
- Enable to find items within user selected bounds
- Enable to find data
- Support data bookmark
- Enable to save or print image or save video clip

- Enable to search POS data through DiViS-Net or Web
- Enable to monitor, save, and search data at CMS
- Enable to monitor POS data real time at Mobile Viewer (iPhone/iPad, Android)